Advantages and disadvantages of the multifunction food processor

It is rare to find a household without a multifunction food processor. It allows several tasks to be carried out in record time. Its use has several advantages but is not without its limitations. Read this article to discover the advantages and disadvantages of using a multifunction food processor.

The many advantages of a multifunction food processor

The versatility of the multifunction food processor is an excellent advantage it offers. In the kitchen, this appliance alone can perform more than fifteen tasks. It is an appliance that can blend and grate several condiments. You can also use it to make egg whites and cocktails. For making fruit juices and milkshakes, it is your best ally. This all-in-one kitchen appliance can also be used to knead pasta without any real effort. On the other hand, this appliance is easy to use and very practical. In addition to being compact and very light, it has several variable speeds depending on what you are preparing. Incredibly, you can add accessories to this multi-function food processor for extra functionality. It is not a cumbersome appliance, and moreover its particularity is the saving of time that it grants.

The limitations of a multifunction food processor

Despite the many advantages of a multifunction food processor, it also has some limitations that you should be aware of. The first of these is the noise it makes during use. It is not an appliance that you can use and prepare discreetly. If a visitor comes to visit you and you want to make a quick juice for them, the noise from the machine will reach their ears. There is no brand of food processor that is not noisy. Some models are so noisy that you have to use them at certain times. As they age, the noise becomes even louder. Being specially designed to perform several tasks, they have enough accessories that can quickly make it cumbersome. The other thing that is very worrying is the risk of breakdown. If this multifunctional device breaks down, you can no longer use it. Because all these functions are linked to its central level.