Why install an armoured door?

To increase the level of security, it is mandatory to install an armoured door in your house. It is the best and perfect solution to avoid all risks of insecurity. Discover in this article, the multiple advantages of an armoured door.

Increased security

If there should be only one reason to install an armoured door, it is the optimal reinforcement of security. When you have armoured doors, you can sleep safely and be confident that you are safe from any kind of theft. The strength of these types of doors is unavoidable. No matter what attack or blow they receive, they are never broken through. The strength of the steel is based on the amount of bends formed when it is deformed. And it is these folds that stop the burglars' tools. These doors are extremely heavy, which means that they cannot be easily dismantled. This makes it difficult for burglars to break in. Being real thermal insulators, they stop very high temperatures when fires occur.

Installation possibility of security locks and hinges

The locking systems of armoured doors are robust and highly effective. They consist of several solid steel latches that work in conjunction with the various bolts that are located on the single side of the hinges. It is also possible to install the steel hinges. Thanks to an anti-lift mechanism, this installation will block any opening from the side.

It is also possible to use security locks for armoured doors. These locks are designed to resist attacks and come with different features. It is up to you to choose according to your needs.

Reliable and easy installation

The resistance of armoured doors to attack does not mean that they are difficult to install. Their installation is not at all complicated, but only professionals should be entrusted with this task. Because installation is also part of security and if it is not done properly, you are at risk of burglary. With hardware, there are strategies for installing armoured doors. Just remember that a successful installation is already enough to be reassured of the effectiveness of an armoured door.