What is the difference between an electric, motorised and combustion wheelbarrow?

With so many choices, you may find it a little difficult to choose a wheelbarrow for your work. The perfect solution is to understand the difference between the different types of wheelbarrows in order to make the right choice. Read this article to understand the difference between three types of wheelbarrows.

Motorised wheelbarrow, an exceptional wheelbarrow

As the name suggests, the motorised wheelbarrow is that type of wheelbarrow that is equipped with a motor for its operation. To operate, this wheelbarrow uses electric power or a combustion engine. This type of wheelbarrow was especially used by port workers to transport heavy loads. In order for other sectors to benefit from the advantages of this wheelbarrow, other manufacturers have designed motorised wheelbarrows for use only in the field. However, these wheelbarrows are now used in several sectors. You can use them in construction, landscaping and also in forestry. The main difference is that the motor drives the wheels instead of the user, which makes it easier to transport large loads.

Electric wheelbarrow, a classic motorised wheelbarrow

An electric wheelbarrow is nothing more than a classic motorised wheelbarrow. They are called motorised classic wheelbarrows because they are almost identical in construction. You just have to lift the handles to activate the electric motor so that the wheels can turn. This wheelbarrow can be used to transport heavy loads on building sites or in the garden. Its particularity is that it is designed with a tilting hopper. The tilted hopper allows easy dumping into a trolley or truck.

Thermal wheelbarrow, the wheelbarrow for all heavy loads

Equipped with an internal combustion engine, this wheelbarrow works in an incredible way. Thanks to its engine, it manages to heat water with the heat it provides by producing vapours. It is these vapours, accumulated in a boiler, that are used to turn the front wheels of the wheelbarrow. Keep in mind that it is important to add fuel regularly and to drain the condensed water regularly to keep the wheelbarrow running smoothly. Especially, this wheelbarrow can carry loads that weigh 300 kg.