How to choose the power of your hoover?

The main purpose of buying a hoover is to remove all dust and dirt. This depends mainly on the power of the hoover you choose. It is therefore important to understand how to choose the best power for your hoover according to your needs. Read this article to find out more about choosing the right power for a hoover.

Choose the power according to the type of hoover

There is no one specific power that fits all hoovers. The power of a hoover varies according to the model of the hoover. A canister hoover is a less manageable and very bulky appliance that uses a lot of power for its operation. If you want to choose a canister hoover, be aware that it needs a lot of power. A bagless hoover does not need a lot of power to operate. The table hoover, however, can work with a medium power. You only need to choose one type of hoover to know what power is suitable for that type of hoover.

Choose the power of the hoover according to the need

The work to be done by the hoover is also a criterion for choosing the power. If you want a hoover for home cleaning, you should choose a lower power rating than a hoover for construction sites. The power of a hoover for construction sites must be high enough for the hoover to be effective. If the hoover will be used on a daily basis, it is mandatory to consider the type of floor. If the floors in your home are hard or smooth and made of parquet or tiles, you only need a vacuum of 30 kPa. But if you have carpets or rugs, you need high performance models with more than 40 kPa of vacuum. You should also check if the airflow is high.

However, you can also choose a very powerful hoover with a progressive vacuum value. This hoover is recommended for those who have pets. Pets will always bring hair into the house. But with this powerful hoover you will succeed in removing all the hair from the floor.